Welcome To My Blog!

I am excited to find this new way to connect and share ideas and information with you!  Here’s a little bit about me!

For years I have supported my passion for peace education and journalism while also working full-time as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  I have worked in a number of settings including private practice, business, nonprofits, and public schools.  My Ph.D. is in Education.  I have written books, and produced short documentary videos and interviews that can be viewed (free) on my video hosting site Earthfamily.tv for adults and children.  My new ebook, “Conceiving a Peaceful World” is a solutions-focused map for creating peace with social justice on earth.  It explores how we can create a society that actually supports the development of healthy families, communities, and environments for ALL people. –And how we can create peaceful transitions to a society that is economically and environmentally sustainable, democratic–and much less corruptible.

My book shares stories and interviews of exceptional women that reveal leadership skills for transforming our world, along with poetry and art. You can preview and purchase my book at: Womenswisdom.tv   In this blog and on my YouTube site Dr. Susan Perz I share my passion for healthy families and communities with social justice for all people through solution-focused down-to-earth information, dialogue, and interviews. I am grateful for the chance to share this journey with you and I appreciate your interest in learning about my work and the work of generations of diverse leaders and peacemakers. It will take all of us working together to create a peaceful sustainable world! As a realist, I believe that peace is necessary for our long-term survival and the survival of our earth–and that it will take massive changes to make it happen. I believe those changes can happen through peaceful transitions when we listen, learn, expand our understandings, and work together!

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