Peace On Earth and Good Will Toward All–Are We Willing to Make It Real?


It’s the season of Christmas and other religious holidays.  We send out cards that say Peace On Earth, Good Will to All and we bask in the warmth of this season–as we should.  Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than intelligence.  Why?  Because before we can create change, we have to be able to imagine it.  There was a time when only visionaries and pipe dreamers believed that slavery could end–or women would someday vote–or certain diseases could be eliminated–and on and on…   Yet, we continue to see the real possibility of actual Peace On Earth in the same category as flying unicorns, pipe dreams, and idealistic dreamers.   There are many, many people who have spent their lives studying the different aspects of Peace On Earth to discover and share what really needs to change–and HOW–and that information is available.   Many of these researchers and their work is described in my ebook Conceiving a Peaceful World available at for $9.99 to download.  Here are some key ideas.  (The details and footnotes are in my book.)

Professor Richard Wolfe says that the corporate structure allows a small group of people on a corporate board to have too much power to control the lives of thousands of people–employees and customers.  He says the corporate structure is actually most similar to the concentrated power and control of communist governments.  The corporation as a structure is too easily corruptible–and once corrupted, those corrupt practices, (though technically they may be legal) can too easily be taught and passed on from one board and one set of CEOs to the next.

His answer?  Cooperatives!  Cooperatives were used by Catholic priests to eliminate poverty in “Third World” countries, until they were wiped out by colonizing nations in order to eliminate the power of a good example, notes theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether.  Wolfe describes the dramatic success and stability of the industrial cooperative called Mondragon in Spain.  He gives examples of cooperatives in the U.S. as well.  Publix grocery store is now a cooperative and there is a national organization of cooperatives.

What else does historical research say?

Diplomatic Negotiation is the only thing that solves conflicts permanently.  Almost every U.S. war has simply set up the next war without solving underlying conflicts.  When women are involved in diplomatic negotiations, they tend to form agreements that are still in force and implemented 15 years later because women tend to work on the underlying conflicts and broader contexts to address and solve them.

Disarmament is a necessity.  Negotiation has to involve mutual concern and not just self-preservation.  Nuclear weapons must be illegal and decommissioned–including all dirty uranium weapons–which ARE radioactive, cause cancer, and contain radioactive particles that are more tiny than natural radiation and therefore bypass the body’s defenses to cause cancer.

All news media must be nonprofit–preferably endowed–and not owned by any other entity.  When we read or hear news, we have to be willing to go the extra step of looking up WHO IS FUNDING this news and the organizations behind it.  If it’s nonprofit or a cooperative, or funded by lots of individuals, rather than large donors or corporations, and it’s not for-profit or a nonprofit that is owned by a corporation, it is more likely to be providing accurate news.

Sadly the stock market is a casino, and fundamentally unstable–so individuals’ retirements should be funded through cooperatives and endowed over time.  Cooperatives can guarantee employment even in hard times when everyone can share the load or cuts so no one loses their jobs.

Human rights, respect for human and ecological diversity and ecosystems is a necessity, which means we have to grow beyond our various forms of racisms and all the other –isms.  We have to be truly willing to work together–red vs. blue, white vs. black, citizens vs. immigrants–and to learn about each other, including each others’ religious beliefs.

The corporate news media ON BOTH SIDES incites hate red vs. blue and wants us to fight with each other–all to distract us from the corporate greed and corporate culpability for the majority of the issues facing this nation and this planet.  

Democracy cannot exist in government or politics without ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY which is not possible with the monopolistic, transnational, corporate/banking vulture capitalism that we have today.  Mom and Pop capitalism is struggling at best for most people, the middle class is shredded, income inequality is the highest it has ever been in the U.S., and .01 percent of the wealthiest earn most of the income and they own the vast majority of the assets in the country, as well as the ENTIRE PLANET–leaving 99 percent of the population to struggle at best–tragically many people just die–without adequate food, shelter, medical care, mental health services, safe places to live, etc.

Campaign finance reform will be easier once corporations have been transitioned into cooperatives in which the board of directors is made up of ALL OF THE EMPLOYEES.  Similarly, the Electoral College has got to be eliminated legally through the proper changes.  The wealth of dynasty families would be dramatically broken up if many of these people were properly prosecuted for their actions and forced to return the spoils of their illegal activities.

Any economic theories that say that some people have to be unemployed in order to keep inflation from rising–are corrupt or fundamentally flawed–and worthless.

The trickle-down effect has NEVER WORKED.

The private for-profit banking system needs to be decommissioned and transitioned to nonprofit, cooperative, and/or government banks–so that banks are removed from under the thumb of the Bank of International Settlements and the Federal Reserve which charges the U.S. government interest every time it needs to print money–ensuring that we will always have federal debt.  The private banking system enslaves nations all over the globe to its greed and the greed of the big banks.   Government banks are far more stable and willing/able to do much more for communities than for-profit banks.  Decisions about what projects receive loans or other funding should be made by local communities–not by for-profit banks or corporate boards.  A park or recreation center for children and teens has no economic equity but it may be one of the best investments that a community makes, saving money in the long run when children grow up as contributing citizens instead of in jails that cost far more money to fund–and are the result of tragic underinvestment in the health of families and communities.  The for-profit model is fundamentally flawed–when the most important things in life have no “value” in a dollar-based system–and THEREFORE ARE OFTEN NOT FUNDED.

Leadership models built on communication, empathy, mutuality, collaboration, peacemaking, healthy boundaries, the ultimate value and worth of every human being, animals, ecosystems, and the earth–and other sustainable leadership skills–must be taught and sought after for leadership positions.

Native populations need to be respected and their lands, ways of life, and rights to self-determination need to be honored.

Education can and should be free and equally funded everywhere.  We have to learn citizenship skills and how to research and think critically–and dialogue with each other respectfully and empathically.

Energy can be democratized, maximizing off-the-grid wind and solar for individual homes and communities promoting self-sufficiency–which is possible and fundable once we remove from power the greed-mongering vultures holding on to the soon-to-be stranded assets of coal, oil, gas, and nuclear energies, and waging endless wars over fossil fuels.

Medical services, pharmaceuticals, non luxury housing, food, water, and other basic necessities should be nonprofit and provided by cooperatives.

The arts and sports can bring us joy, celebration, community, and increase our appreciation of diversity.

Every community would benefit from a Peace and Justice Center to help teach, model, and implement these educational goals and changes.

The number one priority of every government should be to prioritize the conditions in local communities that support healthy families, children, and adults–which means having basic standards that are much more comprehensive, enforced, and relevant to support and prioritize the thriving of families and communities.  This also means that these costs should be prioritized and funded FIRST over other concerns.

Parents should be able to both work half-time and be home with their children half-time if they want to.

Where is the money for all this going to come from?

It’s already here in our economy–it’s been wasted and squandered by greed-mongering corporate vultures.  Here’s where it is buried:

–trillions of obscene corporate profits are hidden in offshore accounts

–obscene CEO salaries, stock options, and perks–even when CEOs are incompetent and/or corrupt

–weapons corporations and the military industrial complex harbors a lot of monetary wealth, much of it unethically gotten

–obscene costs of nuclear power plants and fossil fuels with health effects that are killing people

–several of the CEOs of for-profit insurance companies have been on the Forbes billionaires list while many people have been without any insurance or adequate coverage and are stuck with ridiculously high deductibles that create serious obstacles to obtaining medical services.

–congressmen more interested in pursuing million dollar careers after office with “public relations” law firms often operating as foreign agents for other nations or representing the interests of corporate greed over those of families and communities.

–the Federal Reserve charges the U.S. government interest to print its own money–automatically ensuring permanent federal debt to the private for-profit banking industry–unnecessarily and dramatically increasing the costs of everything including services to families and communities.

–needless obscenely expensive U.S. wars over oil, natural gas, and fossil fuel pipelines that line the pockets of billionaires and cost the lives of our sons and daughters, while littering nations across the globe with U.S. dirty uranium bullets, tank armor, and DU small-scale nuclear bombs that produce cancers and birth defects for generations–while these war costs also impoverish U.S. cities and communities–and our families that are trying to raise children in them.

–meanwhile corporate mouthpieces and fake “research policy centers” that are really propagandists and PR firms for corporate interests–blame federal deficits and debt on services for families and communities–ignoring huge tax breaks and incentives to corporations that are NOT passed on to consumers and other massive corporate waste and corruption.

–agribusinesses whose business practices impoverish the food supply, pollute with pesticides, and put small family farmers out of business, while charging higher prices for inferior, inorganic, and sometimes nonfood “food”.

–hedge funds that sell all sorts of unsustainable assets like credit default swaps, derivatives, and other “created out of thin air” types of assets behind closed doors that add up to trillions of dollars that are not even trackable in the financial system–some of which were partly responsible for the 2008 depression that affected nations all over the globe–and are not based in any REAL good or service.

–sweatshops, corporate prisons, and other forms of exploitation

–there are many more ways that the funding that rightfully belongs to family and community life is “legally” embezzled and gutted from our country as well as other countries by the corporate structure that operates transnationally all over the world.

–structural adjustment practices, global Ponzi schemes, currencies tied to oil and oil reserves that will never be used because they will soon be unsustainable stranded assets, trickle-down economic theories that have always been bogus, and many other practices that are ethically corrupt and should be illegal.

The purpose of this article is to concretely describe ways in which we can move definitively toward actual Peace On Earth–to open windows in our mind to the idea that Peace On Earth is actually achievable–and to describe how making these changes can reveal how funding to support healthy families and communities is actually there–it’s just being squandered and “legally” embezzled and gutted from our country and countries around the world–and the people and ecosystems of this planet.

We can choose to create peaceful transitions to healthier economic structures, political practices, ways of treating each other, fuller human rights, more collaborative leadership skills, peaceful ways of resolving conflicts through dialogue and real negotiation rather than angry ultimatums.

Peace is possible and it is actually now necessary for the survival of the planet.  If we want to survive we have to embrace new ways of being to create these paths to Peace.

If we can imagine it, we can achieve it.




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