Saving Florida Panthers and Wildlife!

In my last trip to Florida I took lots of video and photos of wildlife. When I got back and started looking up the different birds, etc., I realized how many of them were either endangered, threatened, or imperiled. I was shocked! I read an article in The Intercept, about how few Florida Panthers are left–I read that there are two new oil and housing development projects that are trying to get permits for development inside the Big Cypress Preserve and right above it! Most of the remaining panthers live in Big Cypress and the Panther Refuge near it. The Eastern Collier development project would largely cut off panthers’ ability to travel upstate and breed with panthers to vary their gene pool, so they don’t die out. Florida Panthers, like most big cats, travel hundreds of miles to interbreed (especially the males, who don’t like to share territory.) I created this wildlife documentary to share beautiful wildlife video and explain these dangerous permit requests–with action phone numbers and email addresses at the end if you want to share your concerns. Both permit requests would also affect drinking water in South Florida and would also further damage the Everglades and Florida Bay–where many pink spoonbill bird colonies have already left to go north, due to increased water salinity and depth from overdevelopment and climate change. The Everglades has not been restored and water management of it is already a huge issue.

Please watch the video and share it as widely as you would like to on social media, etc. The Eastern Collier group of agribusinesses are seeking local permits for the housing developments/town above Big Cypress right now. They also have to get federal permits. Their “habitat conservation plan” would destroy 45,000 acres of panther habitat. The 100,000 acres they say they will preserve (of other land they own,) is ALREADY protected by state and federal regulations–so that is deceptive–intentionally or unintentionally–it is deceptive–and it creates confusion about what they are actually planning to do. The Eastern Collier plan is a DEVELOPMENT plan–not a conservation plan.

Thanks so much for your concern! Please watch, share widely, and consider making phone calls to save Florida Panthers and wildlife! We can’t let them become extinct in our lifetime!

Please also consider liking my YouTube channel Dr. Susan Perz. Hugs!!!!


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