Are Fossil Fuels Worth Killing and Dying For?

It’s mind blowing to think that if the United States had continued investing in and subsidizing research and development into solar energy as President Carter began to back in the 1970s

–many of the wars below could have been prevented–beginning possibly even as early as the Gulf War in 1990!  Instead, Reagan reversed Carter’s subsidies to fund tax cuts for the rich in 1986.



fullsizeoutput_2746Native Americans in this country have dual citizenship.  They are citizens of the United States but they are also citizens of the Native American Nation they belong to.  So when the United States under Trump pulled out tanks and other weapons of war and used them against Native Americans belonging to the Sioux Nation who were nonviolently defending land and water rights that they believe are protected under a Treaty which they believe the United States has broken—this is technically a war waged by the U.S. government against the Standing Rock Sioux Nation.  (This is not a legal opinion since I am not a lawyer).   The United Nations has stepped in and expressed concerns about these actions by the U.S. against the water protectors–and the Standing Rock water protectors are still addressing the pipeline issue in court as of July 26, 2017.  On June 14, 2017, the court decided that the approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline violated the law.

The issue with Exxon, oil, and Russia–and Russia’s cyber attacks on the 2016 U.S. election–is not a physical war–but it is of sufficient concern to be named–because here again, the influence of greed for oil in international events is extremely harmful.  

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