The Costs of War

The costs of war are many:  

–Human lives–civilians and soldiers–ours and theirs

–Monetary Costs

–Destruction of cities, towns, and entire infrastructures:  hospitals, schools, businesses, roads, bridges, airports, neighborhoods, homes, parks, electrical grids, water and sewer pipes, and more.

–Destruction of the environment:  pollution of air, water, soil, dirty uranium contamination, etc.

Human Lives Claimed In Iraq:

U.S. Soldiers/Combattants: 4,491     PLUS the Wounded

Plus U.S. Civilians:  Contractors, Aid Workers, etc.

Iraqis:  Between 174,000 and 1 million

Human Lives Claimed In Afghanistan:

U.S. Soldiers/Combattants:   2,386        Wounded:  20,049      

U.S. Civilian Contractors:  1,173

 Afghan Civilians:  Over 26,000     Wounded:  29,900

Afghan Military Coalition Forces:  3,407 (includes U.S.)

Plus Taliban

Human Lives Claimed In Syria:

Pro-Government Forces:  112,461

Anti-Government Forces:  114,140

Civilians:  95,891

Total Deaths:  326,624

Monetary Costs of War:


For more information see my ebook:  Conceiving a Peaceful World






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