Five Years Till Climate Runaway Train

I just wrote my Senator and House Representative today.  Feel free to use any of the following below, if you’d like to do the same.  This is what I wrote.  Here is the article I am referring to below:

We Have Five Years To Save Ourselves From Climate Change, Harvard Scientist Says” in Forbes

Thank you for your time!  I wish you would add Peace and also Climate Change to your list of Topics.  Please think about your children and grandchildren…  Virtually every war that the U.S. has been involved in for the last 100 years has been about fossil fuels–and the conflict with Iran is no different.  The gas pipeline that the U.S. allies–and Iran and its allies have been vying for over the past decade is unconscionable–especially due to the climate crisis we are in.  The most recent scientific evidence has shown that Arctic ice is melting 90 years sooner than predicted.  75-80 percent of permanent Arctic ice has ALREADY MELTED and the chance that ANY will be left by 2022 is zero, according to Harvard scientist James Anderson in FORBES!!!!  He is a scientist whose research helped solve the ozone crisis.  Anderson said that we have FIVE YEARS in which to launch a full-scale transformation of industry to halt climate change before it may be irreversible.  This means 1. Eliminating carbon and methane emissions, 2. Removing existing carbon from the atmosphere, and 3. A “new effort to reflect sunlight away from the earth’s poles” to protect the remaining ice.  Only Congress can declare war.  Please refocus efforts in Congress away from harassing Iran–which is adhering to its nuclear treaty–and focus on massive funding for solar and wind electricity, renewing the nationwide grid to deliver solar and wind–and electric cars and roofs—and carbon removal.  It is too late for carbon offsets and similar plans.  We will also need to find ways to slow the melting of Arctic ice—not just reduce carbon and methane gas emissions.  FIVE YEARS… Think about your grandchildren–and please exercise integritous leadership!  Anderson said that the Greenland ice sheet is pending collapse.  If that happens the ocean will rise 23 feet—the tip of Florida would be gone and Manhattan will shrink dramatically.  FIVE YEARS…. Money will be meaningless if the planet becomes unsustainable.  The natural disasters we are already experiencing are devastating lives, and are only going to increase unless we move into acceleration mode to make drastic changes in our energy use, he said.  Five years… to achieve basically 100 percent renewable energy.   FIVE YEARS!  This is the time for HEROIC STANDS.  Please BE A HERO for us, for our children and grandchildren…


Dr. Susan M. Perz, Ph.D., Reverend, LMFT

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