“The Jaguar Wildlife Corridor: The Pantanal, Brazil” Movie–and the Amazon

The Jaguar Wildlife Corridor is an adventure movie with beautiful footage of jaguars and wildlife is also about conservation of the Amazon.  Filmed in the summer of 2018, it takes place in the Pantanal, Brazil, which is just south of the Amazon.  I filmed it with a small handheld video camera, mostly from small boats on rivers in the Pantanal while on a nature photography tour with Joseph Van Os Photos Safaris.  Please see my Facebook pages:  The Jaguar Wildlife Corridor and also Conceiving a Peaceful World for more information and links about individual jaguars, the movie, how to help, and nonprofits working in the area.  According to a recent study, the only parts of the Amazon that are now absorbing carbon dioxide are the land areas occupied by indigenous nations.  The Amazon has often been called the “lungs” of our planet.  It is crucial at this time that support indigenous and environmental nonprofits and express to our elected leaders our support for the Amazon and indigenous lands to remain intact and not be “developed” for profit.


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