Climate Change: The Road Ahead–The Time is NOW!


Wind and Solar Energy Create Many Many More Jobs–and Energy Independence!  Renewable Energy Supports Democracy.  

Wind and Solar Can Be Individually and Locally Owned, Controlled, and Maintained.  Sunshine and Wind are Free!  

Lets Divest From Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Investments in Our Pensions, Our 401Ks, and Our Institutions’s Investments–Our Jobs, Our Schools, Our Cities

Whether You Believe In Climate Change or Not–People Die From Pollution From Oil, Coal, and Gas Plants–and Childhood Leukemia Rates are Higher Within About 12 Miles of Nuclear Power Plants Due to Radiation Leaks. Nuclear Waste Dumped In Native American Communities Has Raised Cancer Rates In Those Communities.

Because Fossil Fuels Require So Much Money and Investment, They Tend to Concentrate Money and Power in the Hands of a Few.  Over Time They Move Countries Toward Dynasties and Authoritarianism–and Away From Democracy Because Power, Money, and Control Become So Concentrated.  

See my ebook Conceiving a Peaceful World for more details, ideas, and references.

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